Van Djik And Allison’s Blunder Gift Arsenal A Win In Emirates


Van Dijk and Allison were at fault in the match against Arsenal as their blunders overturned Sadio Mane’s early strike to take a slim lead into half-time at the Emirates Stadium.

Both players are known as two of the most reliable performers in the Premier League but their actions put Liverpool at a disadvantage on Wednesday even though they were already Champions of the Premier League.

Sadio Mane gave the visitors an early lead as he opened the scoring after 20 minutes of play. 

The match looked as though Jurgen Klopp’s men were in for another routine victory as they needed wins in all three of their final matches to surpass Manchester City’s single season points (100) and wins (32) record, Liverpool appeared comfortable thanks to that early strike.

But relief came for the Gunners in the form of two unlikely collaborators as Van Dijk gifted Alexandre Lacazette an equaliser with a woefully mishit back-pass, while Allison’s woefully underhit pass was intercepted by Lacazette, and Ryan Nelson scored from the resulting move to put Mikel Arteta’s men ahead of the game.

This lost for Liverpool has hinder their pursuit for the 100 points record in the Premier League, while the win for Arsenal see them fight for a spot for Europa League next season.

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