US Death Toll From Covid19 Top 93,000.


The United States remains the hardest hit country from the coronavirus pandemic with over 93,000 fatalities and more than 1.5 million Covid19 infections.

US President Donald Trump has however, never ceased to point accusing fingers on China and most recently the World Health Organisation for hiding the truth about the deadly virus before it escalated to a world disaster.

China on its parts accused the US of nonchalance towards the prior warnings it gave on the growing threat of coronavirus at the infantile stage of the pandemic.

Reports say if the US had only started social distancing and lockdown a week earlier, more than 30,000 lives would have been saved and if it started 2 weeks earlier, over 80% of the total lives lost would have been saved.

Despite this development, all 50 states in the country are partially open and businesses crawling back to activeness.

In a seeming controversial statement made by the President to the press, Trump said “Vaccine or no vaccine, we’re back!

President Trump has been highly criticized by his political opponents on his indifference in containing the spread of coronavirus in the US but he implacably claims to have had the best response to the ravaging pandemic.

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