UK Prime Minister Held Physical Cabinet Meeting With Top Officials Amid COVID-19 Scare


UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, held his first face-to-face cabinet meeting of top ministers since March 17.

This action underlined his push to encourage others to go back to work and boost an economy hurt by the coronavirus crisis.

The weekly cabinet meeting inside Johnson’s Downing Street office was suspended indefinitely during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

Johnson, his health minister and other top officials all caught the virus early in the pandemic.

However, in recent weeks, Boris Johnson has called on people to return to their workplaces, concerned that the economy, already poised for recession, could be crushed over the long term by a lockdown that has kept millions at home for several months.

Boris Johnson has pushed ahead with easing the lockdown, lifting advice from August to avoid public transport, one of the main reasons deterring people to return to work, while encouraging workers to use alternative means where possible.

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