Twitter Considers Introducing Subscription Plans For Users To Increase Revenue


A lot of social media companies like Twitter and Facebook are free to use. The way these companies make money is by selling ads, but it seems that Twitter wants to start exploring other alternatives, especially with advertising revenue seeing a decline, in part due to the coronavirus pandemic which has caused many business activities to come to a grinding halt.

Twitter has weighed up options to make money other than through ads.

According to Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey, it seems that the company could be considering adopting the subscription model. 

Dorsey said, “We want to make sure any new line of revenue is complementary to our advertising business. We do think there is a world where subscription is complementary, where commerce is complementary, where helping people manage paywalls … we think is complementary.”

It is unclear as to how this subscription model would work and how it might be different from the regular free version of Twitter. The concept of a subscription isn’t exactly new. 

Several years ago, it was reported that Twitter was considering launching a premium service which could unlock additional features that some users might want to pay for.

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