Twitter Suspends Donald Trump Jr. Official Account


Twitter has suspended presidential son Donald Trump Jr. for 12 hours after the younger Trump tweeted a video featuring misinformation about COVID-19 treatment.

Twitter also removed posts featuring the video that were retweeted by President Trump himself, though it didn’t suspend the president’s account.

The controversial video from Breitbart News showed a press conference outside the US Capitol where several doctors promoted views contradicted by science, including that hydroxychloroquine could cure COVID-19 and that it wasn’t necessary for people to wear masks.

On Monday, the Breitbart video went viral on major social media platform especially on Facebook where it racked up 14 million views in a few hours. Like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube also have policies against spreading misinformation about COVID. 

By Tuesday morning all three platforms had banned the video. However, it remains available on Breitbart’s website.

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