Travis Media Commemorate With The Father’s In The World


Not often times we get to celebrate you,

Although the world most times fail to give you that attention you need

But, if I could write a story

I’d write about Fatherhood

For it is an adventure that’s not to be taken lightly.

You may not be a hero known by the world,

But you are our hero known by us

You may have thought I didn’t appreciate you well enough 

Perhaps you thought that we’d grow apart

But, I engraved up everything that you ever taught me.

We grow up with your values

And fly your name out in the sky 

If stars were to be written on skin, you’ll be one with starship of scars

So richly blessed is how we feel for having a Father just like you.

Happy Father’s Day!!!

From Travis Media.



Written by: Ravhin

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