Tattooed Model Dragged For Wearing Covid19 Mask As Underwear.


A tattooed model, Jill Hardener from Germany has sparked backlash after posting a picture of her wearing face masks as underwear.

While dozens of commenters branded the influencer “beautiful” and “amazing”, the post attracted plenty of criticism as well.

Alot of her followers weren’t pleased that Jill “wasted” protective equipment during the coronavirus pandemic.

One commenter, who gained 79 likes, sarcastically said: “Cool you wasted mask the entire planet is struggling to get.”

A medical worker replied, writing: “I agree! As a frontline worker this breaks my heart and makes me so angry.

“We are needing donations of these masks.

“And before someone says this won’t protect. It will!

“We are having to wear the same masks for months and we risk getting exposed multiple times!

“We need the mask for patients to wear and to cover our masks that were use to prevent exposure! This is downright ridiculous.”

Another responder remarked: “Why waste masks like that when the world is screaming for PPE for front lines workers.

“You should be ashamed of yourself.”

A fourth said: “People are dying and masks aren’t available… you should get banned from Instagram.”

And a fifth suggested: “Why don’t you donate the masks you are getting to hospitals?

“Don’t waste them like this.”

Pretty sure she didn’t see this coming…

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