Sudan Condemn And Criminalises Female Genital Mutilation


Sudan’s sovereign council, the highest authority in the country, comprising military and civilian authorities, in a statement on Friday approved a series of laws including one “criminalising” the age-old practice known as FGM or genital cutting that “undermines the dignity of women”.

Earlier this year, Sudan’s cabinet approved amendments to the criminal code that would punish those who perform the operation with up to three years in prison and a fine.

According to the United Nations,

Nearly nine out of 10 girls in Sudan fall victim to FGM.

In its most brutal form, it involves the removal of the labia and clitoris, often in unsanitary conditions and without anaesthesia.

The Sovereign council statement said, doctors or health workers who carry out genital cutting would be penalised under the new law, and hospitals, clinics or other places where the operation was conducted would be shut.

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