Spain Lifts Coronavirus State of Emergency and Reopens Borders


In recent weeks, Spain, which has recorded about 246,000 coronavirus cases and more than 28,000 deaths, has been easing its lockdown restrictions after 3 months of nationwide lockdown.

Spain’s tourism industry accounts for more than 12 percent of the country’s economy, because of a much-needed boost, Spain ended a state of emergency imposed to contain COVID-19 and opened it’s borders to all EU countries except Portugal, as well as Schengen Area members outside the bloc and the UK. Spain’s border with neighbouring Portugal will reopen on July 1 at Lisbon’s request.

British tourists are now allowed in without having to quarantine, even though they will still be subject to 14-day isolation upon their return.

Spaniards were also allowed to move freely around the country, though they will still have to wear masks in public when social distancing measures cannot be observed.

However, all arriving passengers will have their temperature taken, they will also submit information about where they have come from, and provide their whereabouts in Spain in case they need to be traced.

This brought a sense of relief all over Spain as many would be able to see their loved ones after months of being apart.

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