Single Mum Allegedly Commits Suicide After Making a Post on Facebook


A single mum Identified as Princess Folashade Eloho Bello reportedly committed  suicide in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.


On 19th June, Two days before she died, she took to Facebook to pour out her heart about broken promises and disappointments. She wrote,

“Do people really understand what it means giving someone hope?

I guess not. Because if they did, they wouldn’t just postpone or cancel.

Don’t promise if you know it’s just for fun. Some of us actually live for that time, get disappointed and loose the courage to go on. We’ll thanks to all the broken promises. I look forward to Peace ahead ?”



Due to the smiley face emoji, friends saw it as a normal post and didn’t understand that she was going through a lot but masked the pain in her heart.


On June 21, two days after sharing the post, she allegedly committed suicide. Her Facebook friends claim she consumed some harmful liquids.


One of her Facebook friends, Lakunle Laniyi, narrated Shade’s sad experiences saying,


“Shade suffered from multiple stages of depression over a long period of time and a very high BP for years. She lost part of her when her dad  passed away few years ago. She practical had no close associate in her family except her very good step brother, T”.


“She was a single Mother of a lanky Son, Ayomide whom she lived for and a thriving business of beverage drinks and bottled water in Portharcourt”.


“Early in the year she was diagnosed of cancer which ate deep into finances. Her Honda 2004 accord was sold and proceeds from shops were diverted to her medicals. She was in perpetual pains for many months” .


“She had an operation sometimes ago in Lagos to remove the cancerous growth from uterus but unfortunately, afterwards lived in endless pains for many months. She refused to go back for check up based on financial reasons which I assisted in raising part of the money needed but she diverted it into paying some of her friends she was allegedly owing and apparently on her neck. Who am I to blame her for such actions. If you had been in debt before, you will understand the angle I am coming from”.


“I wouldn’t say Folashade’s friends were not there for her when they were needed, but Shade was a loner. She was an orphan and a lone child of her mother. She kept few friends and a very private life” .


“My conscience exonerates me for doing the little I could during her difficult times, but honestly, I did not see her throwing in the towel in this manner. I felt she was overcoming it gradually but later to realize that she blocked me on facebook probably to stop me from seeing some suspicious post on her timeline, how insensitive, I was”.


“My take is this, we complain about people not speaking up when they are depressed, but how often do we take them seriously when they approach us with the crushing loading leaving them depressed”

“May her Soul rest in peace. Deeply pained.”

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