See What To Expect From Apple’s iPhone 12 Launch

 See What To Expect From Apple’s iPhone 12 Launch

Apple’s fall event kicks off tomorrow at 1PM ET, when the company is widely expected to reveal its new iPhone 12 lineup of smartphones. 

Rumours have given us a pretty good picture of what we can expect to see with these new phones, and Apple’s official “Hi, Speed” tagline for the event suggests that one of the iPhone 12’s main features could be support for fast 5G cellular speeds.

Rumors have circulated about a number of potential products in Apple’s pipeline, too, and there’s always the chance that the company could show some of those tomorrow. 

But we don’t know if Apple is going to make this event as tightly focused as last month’s Apple Watch and iPad event which ran for just over an hour, so it’s hard to gauge just how many products we might expect to see.

Apple’s next iPhone lineup could bring a lot of big changes to the company’s smartphone line. They’re expected to get a whole new design with flat edges, perhaps like an iPad Pro, or maybe even the beloved iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. There are also supposed to be four new models: a 5.4-inch model (which would be a new size that’s smaller than the 5.8-inch iPhone 11 Pro), a 6.1-inch model, a high-end 6.1-inch model, and a high-end 6.7-inch model (which would likely make it the largest iPhone yet).

All of the iPhones are expected to support speedier 5G cellular networks (as long as 5G is available in your area, of course), and in the US, they could support both sub-6GHz 5G and the faster (though shorter range) mmWave 5G. Apple’s new iPhones are also all expected to have OLED screens this year, but recent rumors indicate that they won’t have 120Hz refresh rates. 

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