See The Only Country So Far With Decreasing Coronavirus Cases And What They Did.


Over the last two months, the number of covid-19 cases in Cuba has declined.

Although the country closed its borders later than most of the surrounding nations, it has become far less likely to have further spread of the virus due to its back to back response.

On closing its borders, the country successfully employed a simple and widely known technique to cub the spread of the virus.

The State commanded tens of thousands of family doctors, nurses, plus its 28,000 medical students to actively screen all homes on the Island for covid-19 every single day, from Monday through Sunday. The entire health sector were expected to be in close contact with the population in order to immediately identify any emerging health challenge and address it promptly.

The state also used compulsion to Incorporate Institutional-based isolation as it was much more effective than home-based isolation, plus the global mandatory use of face masks. The Island is also applauded for having sent some of its medical team to help fight the coronavirus in several nations around the world including Italy.

Recent reports shows that Island has about 2,191 cases with 1,862 recoveries and 83 deaths.



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