Reports Suggest That Hydroxychloroquine Could Be Linked To Many US Deaths.


The US is unarguably the worst hit country by the ravaging Covid19 pandemic with over 1.6 million confirmed cases and 98,000+ deaths so far recorded in America.

The President of the US, Donald J. Trump had some time in April approved the use of hydroxychloroquine as a first hand treatment for Covid19 infections, a development which health experts faulted as being dangerous as a result of the health risk posed by the drugs.

Although the drug seem somewhat efficient as some doctors and health experts have testified of some successful Covid19 treatment attributed to Hydroxychloquine. Trump himself has also acknowledged taking hydroxylchloroquine supplements as a preventive measure against Covid19.

However, experts have suggested that hydroxylchloroquine could be linked to many US deaths. Researchers also say that it is dangerous and potentially deadly.

Reports reveal that about 15,000 people have been treated with it but about 35-40% of other patients treated with it have lost their lives and a good percentage of them too developed a heart ailment.

So far the US has recorded about 345,000 recoveries.


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