PTF: FG Heap Blame On Nigerians For Increasing COVID-19 Positive Cases


The Presidential Task Force PTF on COVID-19 has blamed Nigerians for the continued non-compliance with COVID-19 safety protocols, saying it would have flattened the curve by now but for the lackadaisical attitude of Nigerians towards containing the pandemic.

The PTF lamented the increasing COVID-19 case fatalities in the country, revealing that of the 985 deaths recorded so far, 14 were medical doctors who contracted the virus in the line of duty.

Chairman of the PTF committee, Boss Mustapha said in a briefing, “In coordinating this national response, I can assure you that our biggest challenge has been the attitude of some Nigerians. That is our biggest challenge”.

‘’Everything to fight Covid-19 has been placed out our disposal. We arrested the 2020 budget and got it revised, all in an attempt to deal with the financial means in fighting COVID-19”.

He added, “We are not short of any resources to fight COVID-19. We have coordinated a national response that took in everybody that matters in this country. The corporate world through CA-COVID has amassed a huge war-chest of resources”

“We would have dampened this ravaging virus by now if we had just complied with simple instructions and that brings me to a major thing which was aptly demonstrated yesterday when I presented a memorandum to the president for the introduction of a National Policy on Ethics and Integrity. Most of us think that as Nigerians we only have rights but there are corresponding responsibilities that you are expected to exhibit as a citizen of the country”.

Mustapha said it would be extremely selfish for Nigerians to continue to flout the safety protocols and carry on without sparing a thought for their safety and those of the vulnerable.

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