PS5 Price And Release Date For Entire Hardware Lineup Leaked (See Photo)


The PS5 launch this November is fast approaching, and we’re still waiting for Sony to reveal the price, exact release date, and pre-order details for its next-gen console. 

There are heavy rumours that pre-orders will open up next month, on September 9, to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the PlayStation brand, but nothing has been announced officially yet.

The leaks are still coming thick and fast however, with the latest juicy morsel pointing to pricing and launch dates of not just the PS5, but all of its accompanying accessories, including the DualSense Controller.

According to Chinese technology website MyDrivers, the PS5 is slated to launch globally on November 20, preceded by the Japanese launch scheduled for November 14. These dates also apply to the line of peripherals and accessories.

Given the mid-November rumour, this purported leak does hold water; with the exception of the PS4, every PlayStation console has released in Japan before dropping in other regions. The only reason for the PS4 being an outlier was that it lacked the launch line-up in November 2013 to entice Japanese audiences. 

The console ended up debuting in Japan in February 2014 when the appropriate stable of games had been established for that window.

The PS5 console itself is priced at £449/ $499 with the digital edition coming in at £349/ $399. The prices for all of the peripherals also match up with strong intel from the gamers and technological world.

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