Pressure Mounts On Anambra Governor For Unlawful Extrajudicial Killings By CSP James Nwafor And Awkuzu SARS Team


There has been an uproar today, Thursday on Twitter Nigeria as users took to Twitter to demand for Justice against a former CSP James Oshim Nwafor and the Awkuzu SARS team who are both linked to the disappearance (or possibly death) of one Iloanya Chijoke John and a host of other unlawful extrajudicial killings.

Twitter users pointed fingers at the Awkuzu SARS while calling on the Governor of Anambra State, Willie Obaino, to overhaul and investigate the SARS office known as a living hell by it citizens.

CSP James Oshim Nwafor was accused of killing and being involved in the disappearance of over 5,000 innocent victims, while the Awkuzu SARS were linked with ritual killing and selling body parts of their victims.

One twitter user wrote; “We have been complaining about Awkuzu Sars since 2009.

These people were notorious for what was or is still called the “Acid Well”.

An underground pit of corrosive acids where suspects are dumped dead or alive if the family doesn’t come up with millions within 48 hours”.

Another wrote; “In September 2012 I went for a burial in Nnewi, on my way back to Awka I was arrested in Abagana by Awkuzu SARS.

This evil men swapped me with someone obviously a criminal, I was paraded mask as the supposed suspect for days in Anambra state”.

Also, a viral video showing suspects paraded by Awkuzu SARS singing in their dialect as they call on God to come to their rescue for being innocent and not guilty of the crimes placed on them.

So far, the State government haven’t contributed or say a word concerning this matter, as silence has been another language for the day in Anambra State Government.

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