Pet Dogs, Cats Can Transmit Coronavirus To Humans.


Health experts have warned that pet dogs and cats can transmit coronavirus to humans via their fur.

Research reports coming from the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) reveal that the risk of pets spreading Covid-19 to humans is considered ‘medium’ but for those with pre-existing health conditions or poor immune system, it could be high.

The experts cautioned that there was little data available and for that reason there is a “high level of uncertainty”. according to them, there’s as a matter of fact a bigger risk of humans giving the virus to their pets in the first place.

The report states; “Until more information is available on the likely infection status of a companion animal in contact with an infected SARS-CoV-2 patient, we consider the likelihood of exposure to be at most, medium, with a high level of uncertainty,”

“There is a strong possibility that the animal could act as a fomite  for short periods of time, carrying virus on the fur, which could transfer virus to other members of the household or people in close contact.

“Therefore, we consider this risk of exposure also to be, at most, medium likelihood.

The experts added: “Cats and dogs are equally susceptible to the virus attaching to host cells, because of the structural similarity of the receptor protein, ACE2, to the human receptor.


The Sun.

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