People With Lung Conditions Should Not Wear Face Mask- Doctors Warn.


Health experts have cautioned against the use of face mask by  people who have asthma or other lung conditions because it could make it difficult for them to breathe.

People have been advised to wear face masks when in public or in the midst of other people. This is because the coronavirus is a respiratory virus, meaning it infects people when it is inhaled and attaches to cells inside the airways and the lungs.

Wearing face masks can make it more difficult to draw air into the lungs and this may trigger asthma for some patients and can also cause anxiety which changes people’s breathing patterns.

The problem, however, for such people is that they are also at a higher risk of becoming seriously ill if they do catch the virus, and may be more likely to spread it when they get infected.

Health officials say people should wear a mask if they comfortably can, to protect themselves and others around them, but not risk their own health in doing so.

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