Nigerian Man Invents Breast Cancer-detecting Bra to Save Women


A primary school teacher, Idris Dangana, 43, has invented an affordable cancer-detecting bra to help with early detection after a woman died from breast cancer.


Idris Dangana, a Kano native and a graduate of physics education, was a teacher, however he felt unfulfilled with his job as a teacher and decided to quit and develop his interest in learning computer and software development skills.


Idris heard a story of a woman who died of breast cancer in Kano State. According to him, the story reminded him of the pains his sister went through when she had breast cancer. Fortunately, she survived it. This spurred him to seek a solution.


In a quest to find solution, Idris started researching on cancer and set up BCScan, an innovation of the DiceHub (DIHub), which is behind the cancer-detecting device they would later come up with.


Idris came up with was a brassier, fitted with Artificial Intelligence, that could detect tumours that are as small as 2mm in diameter.


Idris Dangana said that the wearable device is especially targeted at women in rural areas with limited access to health care and the prohibitive cost of mammography.


However, one of their major challenge is mass production of the device  Not finding the capacity to mass-produce in Nigeria, idris Dangana decided to seek collaboration abroad.


“We out-sourced to India and China to get the materials that we will use for manufacturing the cancer-detecting device produced,” he said.


Though his idea is global, he is desirous of immediate local impact.


He said: “It is evident that the gap is too wide between Africa and the rest of the world, particularly Nigeria and the northern region to be precise. Though we are still learning, I believe over time, the impact could be felt and will serve as a wakeup call to many to co-join and change the narratives.”


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