Nigerian Doctor Says Lassa Fever Is Deadlier Than Coronavirus.


The Executive Chairman of Bauchi State Primary HealthCare Development Agency (BASPHCDA) Dr Rilwanu Mohammed has given a shocking revelation that Lassa Fever is more deadly than Coronavirus.

In further explanation, Dr. Rilwanu said that a case of Coronavirus reported early have greater chances to get treated and recover.

He added that most cases of lassa fever were reported late, hence the number of death of patients.

“We just recorded another two deaths resulting from lassa fever. This has brought the total number of deaths as a result of lassa fever to 41.

“Coronavirus has been with us since 23rd of March this year, however, we have only recorded three deaths as a result of the virus.

“Most of Coronavirus cases reported early, have greater chances to recovery compare to lassa fever infested people,” he said.

He lamented that people with Lassa Fever, always seek for medical attention late adding that most wait until they have fever and start bleeding from faeces, when it would have already been too late before they report.

“Now we have 41 people who have lost their lives due to lassa fever contrast to three people who have lost their lives to Coronavirus,” he said.

He added that the state government would be embarking on a massive spraying and decontamination of communities in order to combat the deadly diseases in the state.

Lastly,he urged residents to also contribute their own quota by always reporting any suspected case of Lassa fever in the state as early diagnosis and treatment could help patients to recover.

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