Middle-aged Man Saved From Suicidal Action


Officers of the Rapid Response Squad (RRS), of the Lagos command have rescued another resident in the state from jumping into the lagoon along Third Mainland Bridge.

RRS took to Twitter saying, “The man said he had become frustrated and thus has decided to end it all”.

“Yesterday, our vigilant officers on Third Mainland Bridge prevented this young man from diving into the Lagoon. His expression of frustration made him hell-bent on jumping despite being restrained by the officers.

“He’s been taken to Oworo Police Station where his family was contacted.”

RRS said on Tuesday that its men saw him trying to commit suicide by jumping over the bridge into the lagoon when he was intercepted.

According to the police, the yet to be identified man was seen on during evening attempting to jump from the Oworo-end of the Third Mainland Bridge into the lagoon.

According to the report, the man on a suicidal mission, clad in a white T-shirt and a brown pair of trousers, said he was tired of life and despite an appeal from the operatives, he insisted that nothing would stop him from committing suicide.

The man was eventually stopped from jumping as the operatives said he had already climbed the barrier before he was grabbed by the men.

The young man was subsequently, arrested and taken to the Oworo Police Division, while his family members have been contacted, according to the RRS.

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