Mexico City Overwhelmed By COVID-19 Death Rate


Mexico has been hit very hard by COVID-19. As of July 25 it was the fourth-worst affected country, with 42,645 deaths and 378,285 total infections. Nezahualcoyotl has suffered especially. A slum before it was made a city, it is Mexico’s most densely populated municipality, with over 15,000 people per square kilometer. The virus has been able to spread easily there.

At the municipal cemetery in the city of Nezahualcoyotl, which lies just to the east of the capital Mexico City, the graves are stacked on top of each other to ensure there is enough space to lay people to rest. But the coronavirus pandemic is pushing it beyond breaking point. Workers are forced to remove coffins, including those of babies, to make space for new arrivals. People have died at such a rate that it has not been possible to find graves for everyone. Many of the dead are cremated

Many in the city argue it implemented its lockdown too slowly and lifted restrictions too quickly. Nezahualcoyotl’s mayor, Juan Hugo de la Rosa, told the New York Times he also felt restrictions were eased too soon.

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