Messi Narrowly Avoid The “Red Ticket” As Barcelona Is Left With Frustration


Football fans took to Twitter last night to share their opinion of what transpired between Sevilla’s Diego Carlos and Barcelona’s magician, Leo Messi.

Messi narrowly avoided a red card after shoving Sevilla defender Diego Carlos.

Messi who has been involved in confrontations with opposing teams since LaLiga returned was angered after Diego Carlos made a hard tackle on Barcelona’s Luis Suarez, which saw Messi went straight to Diego Carlos and shoved him hard.

After realizing that Messi laid a hand on him in the middle of a game, Diego Carlos apparently decided to intentionally tumble to the ground. However, the replay showed that it was exaggerated and delayed. 

Diego Carlos’ obvious plan to send Messi out of the game didn’t help at all. Other Barca players got involved and started pushing and pulling Diego Carlos by the shirt. In the end, Messi was lucky not to have been sent off.

Both Barca and Sevilla were having a hard time finding the back of the net the entire game. The match ended in a 0-0 draw. This could have evidently added to the players’ frustration inside the pitch.

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