LASG Says It’s Running Out Of Bed Spaces For Covid19 Patients.


With 3093 confirmed cases, Lagos State remains the Epicenter of the covid19 pandemic in Nigeria.

Lagos is quite notorious for its rather high number of infections as seen on the daily updates of Covid19 cases by the NCDC.

The Director General of the NCDC, Dr Chikwe Iheakwazu, said with the new cases in Lagos, the state has ran out of spaces, adding that government was considering a new case management strategy.

He noted that contrary to its initial protocol of patients having to test negative twice before they were discharged, such persons would now be discharged after testing negative just once.

Iheakwazu said:  “The only reason we are isolating asymptomatic patients is to prevent them from transmitting to others. In many countries in the world, when this outbreak just broke out, they carried out a very similar policy. They treated all the severe cases in hospital and isolated every person infected in the temporary isolation centres, some of which you saw being built in 10 days or two weeks.

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