King Of Ga People Of Osu In Ghana Warns Nigeria To Stay Off Their Land


King of the Ga people of Osu, His Majesty DF Nii Okwei Kinka Dowuona VI, has called on the Nigeria High Commission to Ghana to stay off the land where their property was bulldozed and demolished over the weekend. 

He emphasised in his statement on Sunday, that the said title to the parcel of land in which the Nigeria High Commission had a building on is not the state owned property but is a part of the Ga People of Osu land.

The paramount chief of Osu also stated in his press release that “it is only the Stool that has the mandate to grant lease, be it expired or otherwise”.

He also said, “The Stool has a high level of respect for foreign missions and has therefore on several occasions verbally informed the unidentified trespasser of the ownership status of the land through the security personnel resident on the parcel of land.”

“But, Forceful acquisition of these lands by trespassers who hide behind foreign offices and political influence should desist from doing so.”

According to him, they have sent messages inviting the trespasser for a discussion on the ownership of the land but the “trespasser has openly and with impunity disrespected the paramount Chief of the Ga people of Osu.

Meanwhile, Ghana’s Foreign Affairs Ministry has denounced the attack on the Nigeria High Commission, Describing it as a development “which is a breach of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (VCDR, 19610).”

The Ministry said investigations are ongoing to unravel the fact of the matter and bring the perpetrators to book.

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