Kanye West Sparks Massive Mental Health Breakdown Worries


Kanye West just held his first presidential rally yesterday and the overwhelming response is that the legendary rapper may be in the middle of a mental breakdown, and his fans are hoping he gets help as soon as possible.


Kanye West cried uncontrollably during his first presidential speech while discussing abortion and slavery. He also made shocking statements.


In the shocking moment, Kanye revealed they considered abortion when Kardashian first revealed to him that she was pregnant with their daughter, North. But shortly after he got a message from God, which made him change his mind.


“I almost killed my daughter”. Kanye screamed while sobbing uncontrollably. Repeating the phrase several times while the stunned crowd watched.


“Everything on my computer went black and white,” Kanye said. Adding “God said ‘If you f–k with my vision I’m gonna f–k with yours.”At that point, Kanye says Kim called back and said “we’re gonna have this child.”


Also, during the speech, Kanye mentioned that his father wanted to abort him as a fetus and claimed his mother ‘saved his life’ by deciding to go through with the pregnancy.

“My dad wanted to abort me!” he yelled during the event.


In the rant, Kanye mentioned a possible divorce with Kim Kardashian — saying even if the ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ star decides to divorce him, “she brought North into this world when I didn’t want to.”


Many became more shocked and worried as Kanye continued his rambling with a statement that Harriet Tubman really didn’t free slaves. She just had them “work for other white people,” he said.


Right now, tons of his fans and observers are very worried about the rapper, believing he may be in the throes of a very serious mental break.


“Please get Kanye West the mental help he needs,” one tweet read.

“Please get #kanyewest some meds immediately!” another said.

Anyone this emotionally unstable cannot possibly be taken seriously as a presidential candidate. LOL to people on the right thinking this was a great idea,” one tweet read.

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