Kano State Govt. Slashes Salary Of Political Office Holders By 50%.


In what appears to be a not so very pleasant development, the Kano State Government has slashed the wages of all political office holders in the state by 50%.

It is no news that the Covid19 pandemic has dealt a hard blow on the economy of nations around the world which has resulted in some sort of disorder in economic activities.

Due to the shortfall in the revenue allocation to the state since the outbreak of COVID-19 in the country, Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje halved the salaries of Kano State political office holders as announced by his Chief Press Secretary, Abba Anwar.

He added that the decision affected him, his deputy, and public officers in the state.

Ganduje said: “Due to shortfall in the federation account and collapse in the internally generated revenue (IGR) because of COVID-19 challenges, all political office holders in Kano State are to receive half salary with immediate effect from this month of May.

“Due to shortfall of the price of oil in the global market which affects the world economy and eventually causes serious shortfall in the federation account for states, the state slashes the salary of all political office holders by 50 percent.

“There is also a serious setback in the IGR, due to COVID-19 pandemic challenges. Whereas almost all companies in the state are no longer in operation due to lockdown. So also other areas where the state gets revenue are no longer operational. This also is another reason for giving political office holders half salary.

“This includes the governor and his deputy, all commissioners, special advisers, senior special assistants and special assistants among others.

“At the local government level those affected are chairmen, deputy chairmen, elected councillors, supervisory councillors, advisers and secretaries of local governments.”

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