Jeff Bezoz Is Just About To Become World’s First Trillonaire.


The current global health crisis has undoubtedly thrown the world into an unprecedented economic downturn as many countries and indeed businesses have almost been brought to their knees as the virus continues to spread round the globe with attendant destruction of lives and global activities.

However, not everyone seems to be feeling the heat as the world’s richest man Jeff Bezoz is bracing up to mount the throne as world’s first trillonaire according to research.

The Amazon founder whose fortune is estimated at $143 billion, has been the world’s richest person since 2017. He also is one of the world’s five richest people who hasn’t lost money this year as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, according to Esquire.

If his net worth does reach $1 trillion, he’d be worth more than the individual GDPs of 179 countries with a combined population of 3.4 billion — 43.7 percent of all humans alive, the outlet reported.

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