Islamic Scholars Reject Proposed Castration Punishment For Rape


Islamic scholars in Kano under the aegis, Council of Ulamas, state have rejected the decision made by state As­sembly for the castration punishment for the offense of rape in the state.


On the 15th of July, The State House of Assembly adopted the proposal for the castration of confirmed rapists following a motion sponsored by a member, Mr Nuraddeen Alhassan.


However, according to a statement made by chairman Sheik Ibrahim Khalil, the Islamic scholars disputed the proposal on the ground that the punishment of castration for rape is against the teaching of Islam.


According to the Islamic scholars, the lawmakers need to go back and bring out Old Kano Sharia Law, which states the punishment for rape offend­ers and adulterers, which are all major sins in Islam.


Sheik Ibrahim Khalil added that the Council of Ulama will visit Kano State House of Assembly to interact with the members on the matter.



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