Inter-State Travels Enhances Spread of Covid19 In Nigeria.


There are worries that Inter-State travels have worsened the spread of Coronavirus in the country despite the ban on movements and total lockdown order in some parts of the nation.

Amidst the nationwide movement restriction however, some persistent citizens still made their way through state boundaries either through sneaking at night hour or a major disguise. The later has become the new trend as many northerners have been caught hiding in trailer trucks meant for logistics of food items and cattles from one state to another.

Over the past few weeks there has been an increase of confirmed cases of Covid19 in the Northern region especially amongst the Almajiri’s.

This development which compelled Northern Governors to embark on the evacuation of Almajiri children to their various states of origin in a bid to minimize congestion and swampy living areas in their respective states has caused an increase in the number of infections across the region.

The total number of confirmed cases in the north now stands at 2,307 which is almost 50% of the total number of cases in the country.

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