I’m open for marriage – Chinenye Uyanna


Nollywood actress, Chinenye Uyanna is open to marriage. And guess what, she is ready to tie the knot with a man of her desire before the end of this year.

Though, the Anambra State-born Uyanna has never considered marrying an actor, she paints a perfect picture of the man of her dream thus: “Yes, I am very open to marriage this year. For husband material, I want a God fearing man because anybody who respects God will always know the right thing to do. And then, I want a caring and truthful man, that’s all. He must also look good and be hardworking. I don’t care about tribe. As long as the man loves and cares for me, I don’t mind where he is from. We are one Nigeria but I can never be a second or third wife. Check me out; do I look like a third wife material? I’m a total package, so it’s number one or nothing.”

She added: “I have never thought of getting married to any of my colleagues because the two of us can’t leave the house at the same time. You know, movie jobs take you round, so I need a man doing something different so we can meet half way. It’s not when I’m at home that my hubby won’t be around because of one shoot or the other.”

The beautiful, gap-toothed actress also hinted on how she has been coping since the COVID-19 lockdown. “I dived into tiktok videos because I wanted people to know more about me, that I can act different characters. I did a lot of comedy skits and also wrote a script. I didn’t miss much. I’m an indoor person, so it was like my normal everyday life.”

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