“I Spent 82 Days in Detention”, Guy Who Created Jonathan Parody Account Narrates His Ordeal


Shola, a young Nigerian who was arrested for creating a Goodluck Jonathan parody Twitter account has reacted following his release from prison.


According to Shola, he wasn’t trying to impersonate the former Nigerian president because he indicated it was a parody account in his Twitter bio.


He said that he shared a tweet on May 5 and was arrested on May 23 after his telecommunication service provider gave them his information without his consent.


He shared the experience on his Twitter account; Read the thread below


Spent almost 90 days in detention for creating a parody account — A thread ?????? So I made a tweet about the Ex president Dr Goodluck Jonathan on the 5th of may around 5:32pm converting my personal already-grown account into parody


I retained my @, my cover picture and bio and still went further to make more clarification on my bio that it wasn’t the Ex president (Not GEJ) in which parody even allows you to go as far as changing your @ to a similar @ since no two accounts can have the same @



Now, what’s parody? A parody account is a type of profile on social media that is named after popular persons and used mainly for comic purposes. Twitter rules allow for parody accounts on the condition that the operator of the account indicates this on his profile page.


For those saying why didn’t I use my dad’s name & photo, some also asked why I had to use a popular person like him but I guess the definition to parody says it all. There was a question on the TL “who else noticed Nigeria has been boring ever since Buhari became the president?”


So I quoted the tweet saying “my wife was always the joke” Truth be told, impersonating the ex president or defrauding tweeps on here with his picture on my avi never crossed my mind. I only made a harmless tweet that very evening but unfortunately I got arrested May 23rd??❤️


Funny enough, I already forgot that I even made such a tweet by then. The telecommunications service provider gave out my data without my consent which is real bad, my privacy was invaded. The got 5 numbers in which my uncle’s digit was among. They got to uncle’s place with guns


He had to call me to come over without telling me the police were around, I went and got arrested. One of the officers was rough-handling my jean, trying to drag me out so I told him not to embarrass me in public since I wasn’t stressing nobody. I was going with them peacefully


I kept on asking “why did you come for me?” “Why did I do wrong?” but they said nothing til I got to the SARS station in ogbomoso, they took my phone & power bank from me as exhibits in which both exhibits are still with the Police til now. I had to get a new phone when I got out


My uncle came around, I told him to go back home that I’d settle it soon, that it was something small. Never knew I was going on a 3months vacation without bae??? I was later taken to Dugbe SARS in Ibadan that late night & got detained, slept on urine til the next morning


I felt so scared & uncomfortable cos I’ve never been arrested before my whole life. Then, an officer came in the morning with the leg curves like I was gonna run and chained my legs. I told him “Sir, I didn’t kiII anybody, why this?” we then left for Abuja that morning by road.


Got detained in asokoro division at first where I was slapped repeatedly as soon as I got in that Sunday night, they told me to lift my hands up, raise one leg up and start jumping around screaming “I don come” “I don come” nonstop . I was almost crying tbh, like tf????


They call the cell name “Kalakuta republic” and the older cell mates oppress the new ones big time. Stayed for 4days til I met with the IGP and was then detained in the FCIID Abuja. Stayed one month behind bars before I was charged to court, no one understood me when I say parody


I’m still itching & scratching badly til now since we all cover our bodies with the same bed cover which over 500 cell mates’ have used without washing if I’m not exaggerating. A lot of insects in it which bites , didn’t sweat for months (no sun), was taken away from my family


Fell sick while I was behind bars, couple times. I was treated tho cos my ipo took me to the clinic once & also got drugs for me once, I wasn’t tortured by the police physically. I sat & ate with murderers which made my nightmares horrific, Got 2 square meals daily, malnourished


So I had to use to money to buy food since they food being provider made me purge always which I complained about. Funny enough I became the number 3 in the cell, Saw over 100 suspects leave. People with bigger cases gone come and go before me, terrifying ???


And no suspects is to be detained for more than 24-48 hours? It got to a point, I felt forsook but God never forsook me. I had God, my family & friends support. It reshaped my relationship with God tho. A lot of people sent money, did all in their power to get me out of the mess


#FreeShola also made a big impact in order to facilitate my release, Thanks to everyone who came through. I’m taking my treatments serious and I should be 100% fine real soon. Trying to feel loved again, reunite with my family & friends, get used to this outer world again


I’m also try get used to wearing different clothes again since I wore the same cloth for 80days? a lot more that I can’t even say, nor type. It’s just sad tbh


Finally, let it be known that I defrauded nobody on here. I also in no way tried to impersonate nor defame his character. I’m not a criminal and that’s just the truth. I’m not a criminal.


To the money my family wasted, my mental health which has been messed with, & everything I’ve lost in the process; 3months of my life, my twitter account & every other thing, I know God will restore them back. It actually feels good to be free, I’m grateful #SholaIsFree ??❤️


Who runs a parody account and attaches his personal Instagram link to the profile? Went beyond the rules of Parody just not to cause confusion but, there is God!

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