“I Can’t Breathe”, “Black Lives Matter”. Protest Continue Across US For Sixth Day.


Six days after the death of George Floyd, Protesters remain relentless to seek for justice for the victim and indeed other black lives that have been lost and traumatized by police brutality in America.

At least 25 cities have imposed a curfew to quell the unrest which have since been violated by the dogged protesters spread across America in both peaceful and chaotic circumstances.

The President of the United States, Donald Trump have publicly condemned the act of the police brutality and also spoken to the family of George Flyod passing on his condolences. He called for “Healing not Hatred”, “Justice not Chaos” as the best solution to the present predicament.

The protesters are heard continuously enchanting ” I can’t breathe, Black lives matter” just like the victim while being almost choking to death under the knee of the Minneapolis officer who has been charged for third degree murder and currently in jail.

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