How Enugu 10th COVID-19 patient resisted testing, lived in denial


Enugu State, Friday, confirmed yet another COVID-19 case in the state, with the state Commissioner for Health, Prof Ikechukwu Obi, revealing that the surveillance team of the ministry had encountered difficulties in reaching the patient.

According to Prof Obi, the COVID-19 patient who is the son of the state’s 3rd case had lived in denial and refused to be tested.

He said, “Enugu State has confirmed yet another new positive case of COVID-19 pandemic. The recent positive case just announced in Enugu State, is for benefit of any doubt, the son of the woman reported as the third confirmed case in Enugu State.

“These positive cases are related by the journey they had made to Jos as had earlier been reported. The surveillance team of the State Ministry of Health had experienced some difficulty reaching this particular young man who had been in denial and had earlier resisted being tested.

“Ndi Enugu are assured that the latest cases reported for Enugu are people who had travelled and returned to Enugu”, he said.

The patient having been admitted for isolation and treatment now brings the total number of cases so far reported in the state to 10 with 8 active cases.

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