Henry Cavill Signs New Superman Deal


Henry Cavill has signed a new deal for Superman that includes three films and possible future appearances in DC films.

Regarding Henry Cavill’s new deal, it’s said that Cavill helped with a pitch for a new Superman project which was “widely praised” by Warner Bros which led to his new contract.

It’s claimed Henry Cavill’s new Superman contract includes three films and options for future cameos in other DC films, but it is unknown what those films currently are.

The films could be for Shazam! 2 and Black Adam. It’s also been said if the Snyder Cut is a big success that it could lead to further Justice League movies by Zack Snyder, so maybe Henry Cavill is involved.

Back in May, there was report that plans are underway for Cavill to return to the Superman role, but not in a Man of Steel 2 or Matt Reeves’ The Batman, but the site noted Henry could return in Shazam! 2, Black Adam, or even Aquaman 2.

Another possibility could be that Henry Cavill could be back as Superman on HBO Max, similar to the rumors about Ben Affleck involved in HBO Max projects as Batman.

It’s been known that Henry Cavill and his team have been trying to return as Superman for years, as the manager of Henry Cavill is Dany Garcia, who also happens to be Dwayne Johnson’s former wife, and co-founder of their Seven Bucks Production company that produced Shazam! and is producing the Black Adam movie.

Henry Cavill has made it clear on multiple occasions that he wants to return to the role and has said the cape is still in his closet.

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