Graphics photo: Man bites off wife’s finger for denying him sex.


A River State’s woman in Diobu area of Port Harcourt on Thursday created a scene  over excessive sex demands of her husband.

The husband, a trader confined to his home by Rivers State Government’s COVID-19 market closure order.

The couple had got into an open fight, attracting public attention, after the 42-year-old husband simply identified as Moses, bit her wife, Rose’s fingers she had employed in obstructing another move to her husband to satisfy his conjugal right.

Moses reportedly told bemused neighbours that his wife has been denying him sex, angered that he has not been meeting his financial obligation to his family.

Rose, who reportedly admitted the allegation, was quoted as saying, “Since the lockdown, I have not rested from my husband’s frequent sex demands on an empty stomach.

“Even if the market where he sells is under lockdown, his mates are out there hustling, doing other things to feed their families, but my husband sits at home all day and wait for me to struggle and still demands sex excessively. We have three children looking for food but he wants to eat sex, I am tired.”

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