Going To Jail Is A Badge Of Honour For Politicians – House Of Reps Member Tells Orji Uzor Kalu.


Hon Ahmed Wase, the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, has asked Political office holders in Nigeria with prison experience to regard it as a badge of honour.

While leading principal officers of the House on a visit to the Abuja residence of Senate Chief Whip, Senator Orji Uzor Kalu, who just regained freedom from the Kuje Correctional Centre, Wase said politicians should be willing to taste prison experience to have a feeling of the other side of life.

He said: “If you are a good politician you should be willing to taste prison experience because it will come to you in very many dimensions. That happened to us sometimes past when we were being chased and humiliated and he asked us to be be resolute and face the issues as they are”.

“My leader, late Chief Solomon Lar, told me not to fear as a politician to go to prison. He told me that going to prison is a badge of honour.

“He reminded us of how he was sentenced to over 90 to 150 years in prison. He told us that as leaders there is always judgement that could be passed”.

Wase said the leadership of the House was in Kalu’s residence to commiserate with him over his recent trial and  incarceration and urged the former Governor of Abia State to take his experience as one of those things and put every thing before God.

“We are here to commiserate with you over what happened and your incarceration. As a politician I want you to take it as one of those things. First, we congratulate you and urge you to put everything before God and believe it is part of our destiny.

“As our leader we want you to appreciate what God has done for you. Use it for the positive development of our country’s judicial system. Use it in the interest of humanity.

“I saw your comments and they were very responsible and intelligent because you said you will use your experience to pursue the reform of the judiciary and justice system in Nigeria. We are here to commiserate with you and to encourage you never to be weakened by what happened to you.”

In reaction to this , Senator Kalu commended the delegation for their honored visit and said that his time at the Correctional Centre has encouraged him about the continued unity of the country.

He stressed that Nigeria as a country needs prayers and urged politicians to pray and forgive one another in the interest of the electorate.

The Erstwhile Abia Governor said: “This six months in prison has given me a lot of encouragement about the unity of the country. When you go inside there, you do not know who is Igbo, Hausa or Yoruba. Everybody inside there is one family.

“This is not a time for speech making, it is a time for prayers. Our country needs a lot of prayers and forgiveness. Politicians have to find time to forgive each other so that the masses can get democratic benefits.”

He continued saying; “Your coming to my house shows an exceptional love because you could have said what are we going there to do? We will see him in the National Assembly tomorrow. But you have graciously led this delegation to visit me.

“I want this friendship to continue whereby we are always there for one another and we are there for our people. We need to support our people so that our people can know that we represent them.”

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