FG Says Schools Must Create Isolation Spaces and Fully-equipped Clinics Before Reopening


The Federal Ministry of Education has proposed that schools must create isolation spaces and have fully-equipped clinics before reopening. This was contained in the ‘Guidelines for schools and learning facilities reopening after COVID-19 pandemic lockdown’, which was submitted by the Federal Ministry of Education to the National Assembly on Tuesday 23rd June.

According to the guidelines,

Each school is “required to create temporary isolation spaces and fully-equipped clinics before reopening, establish a referral system, including protocols and procedures to take if learners, teachers, administrators, and other education personnel become unwell while in schools”.


The Ministry further stated in the guidelines that any state wishing to reopen schools should “hold adequate consultations with the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 and the parents.”


Furthermore, The guidelines also require that proprietors construct additional structures and employ more teachers to ensure that their students adhere to the two-metre spacing system in classrooms.


The proprietors are to seek “grants to procure soaps and buckets, ensure regular safe water supply, ensure a constant supply of learning and instructional materials, and pay salaries on time.”

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