FG Approves the Clinical Trial of the Newly Discovered COVID-19 Drug, Dexamethasone.


The Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19 has declared that dexamethasone, which is the life drug recently discovered by a team of researchers from the United Kingdom, will be added to clinicians therapy trial.


The Minister of Health, Dr. Osagie Ehanire who made the announcement during the daily briefing on Thursday June 18, emphasized that dexamethasone is not a drug one can self prescribe but can only be used on doctor’s prescription.


Studies showed that the widely available steroid drug can help increase survival rate in hospitalised COVID-19 patients with severe respiratory complications.


Dr. Osagie said;


“I did mention that there is a medicine that we are going to ask our clinicians to try. It is not a medicine that you should be using but a medicine that the doctor is to use.


“Luckily this medicine is not new and it is well-known to be used for other purposes as a steroid. It was found to be useful in this case. It is easy to try it out because we know the side effects. Also, the usual dosage is well-known and it is not a medicine that is terribly expensive or unavailable.


“We are going to ask our clinicians to also consider adding it for their trials and see what results it works in our own circumstances for this particular problem.”

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