FBI Criticised By Nigerians On Social Media For Only Focusing on 6 Nigerians On Wanted Poster


The Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI) has been condemned on social media for portraying 6 Nigerian fraudsters as their poster wanted list while having 79 fraudsters from different nationals with high figures.

Richard Izuchukwu Izuh, Alex Afolabi Ogunshakin, Felix Osimala Okpoh, Abiola Ayorinde Kayode, Nnamdi Orson Benson and Michael Olurunyomi are the 6 Nigerian fraudsters on the wanted list.

The wanted list comprises of; 39 men of Arab origin, 16 Russians, 20 Chinese/Southeast Asia and 6 Nigerians, but the FBI chose to use the Nigerians as the poster scapegoat.

This action from FBI has made lots of Nigerians label the organisation “Racist” and “defamation of origin”.

The alleged fraudsters are wanted for their involvement in a business email compromise (BEC) schemes resulting in over $6 million in losses. 

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