Facebook Introduce How To Stop False Stories In Users News Feed


Social media giant, Facebook has launched a new campaign to help people spot false stories and misinformation.
The ads will encourage people to question what they read online, in their Facebook news feeds and elsewhere, when they launch from July.

It comes as Facebook and other platforms face questions over how tightly they should regulate misleading stories, and whether they are doing enough to stop their spread.

Devised in consultation with fact-checking partner Full Fact, the ads will ask the public to check whether a post is from a trusted source, ensure they read beyond headlines, and be alert to manipulated images, as well as reflecting on how it makes them feel.

It comes at a tense time for the tech giant, which has faced questions over its handling of misinformation during the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier in June, medics told MPs that misinformation about Covid-19 online is having a direct impact on their work and called on platforms to do more to tackle the issue.

Senior executives from Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter have been grilled by the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee about the matter several times during lockdown.

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