Daddy Freeze Trolls Popular Twitter influencer, Dr Olufunmilayo, Who is Being Dragged and Accused of Sexual Abuse


Daddy Freeze via his Twitter handle has mocked the popular Nigerian doctor and Twitter Influencer, Dr. Olufunmilayo, who has been accused of sexual and emotional abuse by a Nigerian female colleague residing in the United Kingdom.


During the Hushpuppi saga, Olufunmilayo attacked Freeze via Twitter for ”fraternizing” with Hushpuppi and dining with him while he was in Dubai.


On the news of the sexual abuse allegation, DaddyFreeze called out Dr Olufunmilayo. According to the OAP, Olufunmilayo is a hypocrite since he dragged him over Hushpuppi despite having a ”cupboard full of skeletons”.


He wrote,


“Bruv, Dr FUNMILAYO dragged me over Hushpuppi. Today Na him turn. He is a perfect definition of a hypocrite, Dragging Daddy Freeze while groaning under the burden of a cupboard full of skeletons. Trolls think dragging would erase their own pain. So Dr FUNMILAYO is even a man.”

”I pray that those who troll us get trolled back like Dr FUNMILAYO who is currently being dragged on Twitter.”

“This year go rugged o.”

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