Covid19: Health Experts Are Curious About Low Death Rates In Russia.


Health Officials and experts all over the world have raised concerns over the low death rates of Coronavirus in Russia despite the surge in covid19 infections in the country following that of the United States. Bloomberg reports.

Russian officials has announced only 2,305 deaths so far from the coronavirus pandemic out of 252,245 confirmed cases in the country.

Russia’s total cases on Tuesday surpassed that of Spain which has reported close 27,000 deaths so far which is higher than that of UK and Italy and both countries have more than 13 times the Russian level of fatalities.

However the World Health Organisation said it is in talks with Russia about the country’s statistics for covid19 casualties which from their reports stands at 0.9%, a fugure far below the global average and the lowest among nations with very high number of infections.

The mortality rate is low in Russia because the statistics only include the deaths of people directly attributed to Covid19, said an official with knowledge of coronavirus fatality calculations. Other countries with higher death rates have broader criteria for attributing deaths to the virus.

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