Court Finally Found Sen. Elisha Abbo Guilty For Slapping A Woman In A Sex Toy Shop, Demands N50 Million Damages Fee


Reports from last month indicated that the assault case against Senator Elisha Abbo who was charged on July 8 2019, following the viral video of his violent assault against one Miss Osimibibra Warmate was dismissed. 

Though the Nigerian public had all seen the evidence, despite the testimonies of Miss Warmate and the investigating police officer, even disregarding the fact that Senator Abbo admitted to the assault in his public apology, the case was dismissed on the grounds of insufficient evidence in the investigation.

The ruling to dismiss the case was one that rightfully irked the public, as it proved just how ineffective Nigeria justice system could be. 

Today, lawyers representing Ms Warmate revealed on Twitter that, in the civil suit, ‘Osimibibra Warmate v Senator Elisha Abbo’, the Federal Capital Territory High Court passed judgement against the Senator, awarding the sum of 50 Million Naira in damages, in favour of Ms Warmate.

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