China Shuts Down US consulate in Chengdu in Retaliation


China has ordered the closure of the United States consulate in Chengdu, China, days after the US shut down the Chinese consulate in Houston, Texas.


On Friday July 24, A statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs  said US diplomats in China had been notified on Friday morning that Beijing was revoking the license for the Chengdu consulate in China’s southwest, which has been ordered to “stop all business and activities.”


The foreign ministry stated that US had “unilaterally provoked the incident” by ordering the closure of the Houston office, an action which “seriously violated international law and the basic norms of international relations.”


“The current situation between China and the United States is something China does not want to see, and the responsibility rests entirely with the United States.”


“We once again urge the US to immediately revoke the erroneous decision to create necessary conditions for the return of bilateral relations to normal.”


Hua Chunying, a spokeswoman for the foreign ministry, via Twitter platform said that the order was “a legitimate and necessary response to the unilateral provocative move by the US to demand the closure of China’s Consulate General in Houston.”


Chengdu is the capital of China’s southwest Sichuan province. It is an important diplomatic outpost for the US, as it covers a large portion of China.

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