Camouflaged Military And Police Gun Men Attacked and Killed By The Nigerian Police In Benue.


Yesterday at about 5 pm, a group of armed men dressed liked the Nigerian Army and  Police officers had a combat with the Nigerian Police along Makurdi – Lafia express way and lost to the police with 7 of them gunned down by the police.

The area has in recent times been hijacked by unknown gun men as several robbery attacks has been reported to occur along that way, one of which was an attack at a police check point that took place June 4 which lead to the death of a police officer, Inspector Boniface Odeh.

The area has since been a focus point of the police to keep the high way clean of such incidents, and yesterday came the opportunity as the police on trail got news that a robbery operation was taken place, and they moved immediately to the scene and was engage in a fire battle by the men which left 7 of them dead.

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