Building Of Nigerian High Commission Demolished In Ghana Over Land Conflict


The building housing the Nigerian High Commission Staff in Accra Ghana was demolished on Friday 19 June with a bulldozer by some unknown group.

Ghana’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has apologized to the Nigerian Government and expressed remorse over the destruction of the property, and have also gone further to reassure the diplomatic community in Ghana that the Country is still law abiding regardless and upholds the ‘Principle of the Rule of Law’.

A report witnessed that the Ghanaian Police were within the area when the incident occurred, and saw it happening but did nothing about it.

The land in conflict is said to have been apportioned to the Nigerian Government in the sixties, and there were no claims until eight years ago a Ghanaian businessman came up to claim ownership when some building projects began on the land.

The dispute was settled with the payment of 50 million cedis by the Nigerian Government for the land.

However, a report said that the man was seen on the site the week before presenting evidence of ownership of the land, and returned on Friday for the hit.

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