Breaking News: Italy Takes The Lead To Reopens Its Borders.


Italy has reopened its borders in order to save its tourist industry.

According to UK Essays, Tourism is considered as one of the most important and vital industries in Italy. it is one of Italy’s most developing and most profitable industrial sectors with an estimated revenue of $42.7 billion. Tourism is one of the fastest growing and profitable sector in Italy’s economy. It is no wonder why the nation is set to reopen it borders amidst the ongoing fight against the pandemic.

Although there are bound to be fears that visitors may still not want to start patronizing the nation just yet, the country has gone ahead to reopen its borders regardless.

Luigi Di Maino, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, has given charge that Italy should not be treated as a ‘leper’. He spoke of paying a visit to Germany, Greece, and Slovenia by the weekend to persuade them that Italy is safe for tourism.

Meanwhile, Switzerland intends on opening it borders with Germany, France, and Austria come June the 15th while that with Italy is to remain shut.

Also, Austria plans to do the same in reopening its borders with Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary, but not Italy.

According to ‘worldmeter’, Italy has about 233,836 COVID-19 cases with about 33,601 deaths and 160,938 recoveries.

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