Breaking: Madagascar Announces First Covid19 Death.


The first Covid19 deaths has been announced in Madagascar on Sunday, May 17th. This is coming nearly two months after the deadly virus was first detected in the country.

The diseased was a 57-year-old hospital worker who already had underlying diabetes and high blood pressure before he was infected, an official from the anti-coronavirus task team said.

“It is with great sadness that we have to share with all our compatriots, that there is an individual, aged 57, who died from Covid-19,” professor Hanta Vololontiana said on public television.

Madagascar has been on the news for its acclaimed herbal cure for coronavirus known as Covid-Organics.

However, following the impressive edge the country attained in combating this deadly virus as it recorded no fatality from Covid19 even at a time when Europe and American were practically brought to their knees by the pandemic, other African countries developed keen interest for the Madagascar herbal remedy for Covid19 and are set to embark on series of test and verification to determine its safety and efficiency.

The World Health Organistaion cautioned that there was no proof for any Coronavirus cure at the time of Covid-Organics launch.

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