Breaking: Eritrea Is Now CoronaVirus Free.


Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic and the struggle for the search of a worldwide approved vaccine, some Africa countries have developed indigenous and effective measures to combat the deadly virus.

Amongst them is the East African Eritea which has only had 39 cases of Covid19 infections. A few days ago, 38 of the 39 cases of Covid19 were confirmed negative and were discharged from the hospital leaving only one positive case left in the country.

In a recent report by the country’s health ministry the last Covid19 patient was said to have fully recovered and also been discharged from the hospital which automatically makes the country Coronavirus free as all 39 confirmed cases in the country have fully recovered with no single death.

Recall that Eritrea had previously refused the Covid-19 supplies donated by Chinese billionaire Jack Ma and his Alibaba Group.

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